My experience with visual art started with my interest in it as a child. I liked to draw, paint and take photographs. As I went through Los Angeles public schools, I practiced painting, making masks and jewelry, illustration and photography. Also, being that my father is Mexican, my family took trips to Mexico throughout my childhood, and I was heavily influenced by the handmade craft ware and folk art from the area – brightly colored pottery decorated the interior and exterior of our family house, and me and all the members of my family wore jewelry and clothes that were handcrafted in Mexico. 

As a teenager, I studied art and photography at Venice High School, and took art classes at UCLA Extension and Brentwood Art School. While I seriously considered art school for college, I became more interested in studying psychology and sociology and considered a career as a counselor. So,I studied Behavioral Science, but also continued my arts education. I studied visual art and its history in Western Europe for a semester and took classes in figure drawing and lithography. As I wrapped up my undergraduate work, I moved to Oakland, California, and worked as a School Counselor in Oakland Public School’s for 17 years. Throughout my career in education, I took art classes during the summers and on weekends. I focused on ceramics, and later, mosaic.

In 2012, with the help of the neighborhood organization I was part of, I was able to lead the Adams Point Mosaic ProjectWorking with a team of neighbors, we designed and installed about 30 city trash containers with mosaic art.

Recently, I was able to retire early from Oakland Unified School District, and I’ve been studying Fine Art at Peralta Colleges. Much of my work has been color studies. I also have created ceramic and mixed media sculptures. I work in abstraction because I want the viewer to engage in the work and derive an interpretation from it that is unique. 

In addition to studying visual art, I also collect art made by Bay Area artists. 

Lastly, I regularly view art at galleries associated with Oakland Art Murmur. I find it valuable to gain inspiration from my local community.